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Nano-alumina used for coating and painting

Item NO:VK-L08T  















Basic Information:

CAS #:1344-28-1  Molecular formula: Al2O3

MW: 101.96   Melting point: 2050 ℃  Boiling point: 2980 ℃


Item No.




White powder

White powder

Content of Al2O3 before handling 

min 99.99%

min 99.99%

Surface property



BET, m2/g



Average particle size




1.Anti-scratch: the surface of painting and coating can form a layer of dense, uniform network structure, which will protect the paint from damaging following polymer paint.The property of preventing characterization of nano-painting is three times higher than regular painting.

2. Abrasion resistance: nano alumina is widely used in the field of paints and coatings are widely used due to its excellent wear resistance. Adding 1-2% nano alumina coating can greatly increase wear resistance of the coating, which is 2 to 4 times higher than traditional coating on wear resistance.

3. Insulation resistance: nano-alumina has high resistivity, and good insulation properties, it’s widely used in plastics, rubber, ceramics, paint, polyimide film, polyester film, and polyester fiber cloth and so on. It can improve the coating density and dielectric breakdown strength, insulation properties can be improved more than 3 times

4. Thermal conductivity: coating by adding a nano-alumina has good thermal conductivity, thermal properties, which is widely used in various electronic materials.

5. Enhance toughness: nano alumina has a perfect effect on enhancing toughness of the coating. when addition reaches 5%, toughness of the coating is the best and mechanical properties is the highest, the shear strength of 150 ℃ will add to 74.2%, tensile strength will increase to 63.7%, the elongation rate will increase to 4.1%, bending strength will increase to 59.4%.

6. Transparency: particle size of nano-alumina is among 10-100 nanometer, and its size is smaller than the wavelength of light, so it is an invisible layer of protective layer, will not prevent the appearance of the paint color, it will also not affect transparency and gloss of coating.


Dosage: It is recommended to add the amount of 0.5-2%, users can determine the best dosage after a trial according to different systems.

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