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JR05—The scavenger of the indoor air pollution

JR05 is a photosemiconductor material with nanometer titanium dioxide as a representative, which has perfect photocatalytic function. It has catalysis under the light energy to control pollution, sterilizing, eliminate peculiar smell, mouldproof anti-moss and resistance uv etc. The organic pollutant decompose rate can up to 90% within 24 hours.

The nanometer titanium dioxide       can decompose pollutants, bacteria and viruses thoroughly to CO2 and H2O, thus completely solve the problem of pollution. At present, the JR05 made by wan jing new material co., ltd. has very sufficient effective in indoor air pollution control.

The above chart is under the simulation light of the sun, the degradation of pollutants ability contrast. activity nano TiO2&lan=english



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